Production environments can test the reliability of laser systems.
Even the best running factories can be dusty and when dust gets inside a laser its reliability suffers.


SPA CIP has been designed to operate reliably in wash down, wet and dusty environments, adding complete protection to the laser tube and lenses.


SPA CIP has been build and tested to IP65:

– It is completely protected and watertight from dust
– It is completely protected from water jets in all directions


Stainless steel cover
The SPA features a stainless steel coating that makes it a sturdy and reliable laser in the toughest production environments. Its tightness is a guarantee of reliability.


Macsa ID 4.0

Your passport to Smart Factory

Product development and Engineering processes in Macsa are oriented to produce smart equipment that have the ability to communicate and are capable of producing multiple data. Everything has a digital identity and connectivity, which means that you can identify, track and communicate with these specific objects.

Macsa’s product concept allows you to integrate equipment in the production line, to connect it with other devices and to central databases. And thanks to Integra software data will be collected from both internal and external sources, for decision making, to improve your manufacturing processes and operations, giving the capability from data flow to analytics.


Macsa 4.0 solutions and equipment will make your life easier, drive efficiency and help you to anticipate adverse performance.



Macsa id - a code you can trust