SPA F Film

SPA F Film from Macsa is a range of film ad foil coding lasers. They are used to apply variable information to flexible packaging and other foil, film and plastic coated packaging without damaging the substrate. They are cost effective and high quality alternatives to the other traditional coding technologies.

Reduction of costs
SPA F Film lasers respond to the needs of the companies to reduce coding costs, reduce plastic waste and enable continuos operations.


High Speed and Quality printing
SPA F codes and marks at a very high speed. SPA F Film delivers consistent, permanent and high quality codes, without interruption, even in harsh environments.


Environtmentaly friendly
Laser technology is environmentally friendly as it allows to reduce the costs of consumables, avoids generation of harmful emissions and the consumption of energy is minimum.


Macsa ID 4.0

Your passport to Smart Factory

Product development and Engineering processes in Macsa are oriented to produce smart equipment that have the ability to communicate and are capable of producing multiple data. Everything has a digital identity and connectivity, which means that you can identify, track and communicate with these specific objects.

Macsa’s product concept allows you to integrate equipment in the production line, to connect it with other devices and to central databases. And thanks to Integra software data will be collected from both internal and external sources, for decision making, to improve your manufacturing processes and operations, giving the capability from data flow to analytics.


Macsa 4.0 solutions and equipment will make your life easier, drive efficiency and help you to anticipate adverse performance.



Macsa id - a code you can trust